Intellectual Property: Domain Names & Beijing Olympics

Rebecca Ordish and Alan Adcock are authors of a new book on IP issues (that’s Intellectual Property here) released as the Beijing Olympics approach. The China Intellectual Property Challenges and Solutions: An Essential Business Guide.

While Domain names have much to do with both Intellectual Property and Internet Protocol, the focus here is mostly the former. However, there is an issue raised in the book which definitely affects businesses hoping to capitalize on participation in sporting events hosted in a communist country where, due to their political history and cultural differences, they have little respect for Intellectual Property:

Domain names are quick and easy to register, and so can often fall prey to cyber squatters who get in first.

It’s fascinating the interesting domain names advertisers can come up with for short duration promotions, based on event names, activities and product variants. This Olympics domain name melee will no doubt be full of what the book calls “Ambush Marketing”.

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“Ambush marketing creates an increased risk particularly by Chinese companies that use their relationships with authorities to target foreign brand owners??? sponsorship of events”, the authors state

Fortunately, the BOCOG (Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad), wants to encourage a strong Intellectual Property enforcement where China respects IP protection.

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