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Pitfalls of Freelancing

Pitfalls of Freelancing

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1/3 of American workers are working independently.
Women dominate the freelance world of independent Contracting & Temp Working

60% Women
40% Men

Freelancing Part-Timing

Freelance popular generations

  • 26% Millennial’s
  • 42% Gen-X
  • 31% Boomers

Percent education
Those with Master’s Degrees:

  • 20% Freelancers
  • 8% General Population

Top 10 In-Demand

  1. PHP Programmers
  2. WordPress Programmers
  3. Photoshop
  4. Article Writing
  5. IT
  6. HTML Programmers
  7. Graphic Design
  8. MySQL
  9. Blogs
  10. javascript

And IT freelancers make the biggest chunk of the change.

Total Earnings Breakdown by Category (Based on Elance.com)

Freelancing’s Pitfalls
Freelancing is a great choice for many people, but it’s also filled with pitfalls. What’s worse is that many of them are unavoidable, even for the most experienced treelancers. Here are some of the worst that you’ll need to watch out for.

Unemployment – 8 in 10 freelancers didn’t get enough work in 2009.

Scraping By – 1 in 2 unemployed freelancers dug into their savings in 2009.

went stretches with no jobs at all.

Health Care – Nearly 1 in 2 freelancers’ concern Is not having affordable health Insurance. II were forced to and use foodstamps. borrowed money from 1333 family and friends. cut back health care because It became unaffordable. Nearly 8 in 10 freelancers has had an employer refuse to Pay. Getting Stiffed The average freelancer got stiffed for $6,000 total 111 used credit cards.

But Remember: There are Plenty of Perks

Most freelancers truly enjoy the work that they do, despite the pitfalls.
80% have high hopes for their careers. of freelancers are happier being independent workers than employees.

Many freelancers are doing well for themselves. Nearly 50% of freelancers saw their Incomes increase in the past year.

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