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Long Beach, California, March 17, 2005 –, an ecommerce tutorial established in 1999, has launched a Blog Tutorial to teach online entrepreneurs how to use blogs and RSS feeds in their web marketing efforts. According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, the word "Blog" was the number one searched word of 2004 because everyone wants to know what a blog is and how to use blogging to enhance their website sales.

The Merriam Webster definition: "Blog noun [short for Weblog] : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer."

Bloggers are simply using a web based technology that allows instant online publishing of ongoing opinion and commentary to a section of their web site. The WebSite101 Blog Tutorial offers over 30 articles by expert Bloggers who have made business blogs profitable additions to their web marketing arsenals.

Blogging Tutorial

Webmasters have gotten into linking frenzies with their standard web sites and now link in entirely unnatural ways because the search engines rank sites based on link popularity. Blogs are loved by the search engines because those links are once again relevant and topical instead of using increasingly common and inflationary link spamming.

WebSite101 began in 1999 as a small business ecommerce tutorial offering internet definitions, HTML tutorials and advice on choosing an effective and memorable domain name for small business webmasters. It has since expanded into offering small business webmaster tools to help choose web page colors and a text-to-HTML converter for web publishing.

In December of 1999 WebSite101 was honored to be mentioned in both the print and online versions of Entrepreneur Magazine, which continues to link to WebSite101 tutorials from dozens of small business sections. The new Blog Tutorial is added to over 21 other extensive tutorial sections, including Web Analytics, Merchant Account, Home Business, Affiliate Marketing, Public Relations, Privacy, and Online Advertising Tutorials.

About WebSite101:
Mike Banks Valentine is a search engine optimization specialist who launched WebSite101 in January of 1999 to offer free online training for small business entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business to the web. The popularity of the web site allows it to be fully supported by advertising and it continues to expand to include new webmaster tools, services and tutorials. He operates two blogs at and

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