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Are E-Book Readers Better than Books?
By Tricia Lake

There's been a lot of buzz in recent months about eBook Readers. Both Amazon and Sony have introduced eBook readers onto the market in the last couple of months, and what was once almost a dead topic has become a live one again. But is an eBook reader better than a book? The quick and easy answer is that sometimes it is...and sometimes it isn't, which doesn't help much at all. In this article I'll examine in more detail when an eBook reader is a good thing to have and when it isn't.

The first thing I need to define is what is an eBook reader, because in one form or another they have been around for years, but still haven't really taken off the way that, say, the iPod did for music.

An eBook Reader is an electronic device that takes the place of a physical book. Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs, have had readers installed on them for years, and some people use them, myself included to read books. There are also some other dedicated readers on the market.

The Perfect "High-Dollar" Back End Product For Your Ebook!

By Grady Smith

If you're selling an ebook right now -- and you're tired of grabbing small (under $100) sales -- then here's a way you can start making thousands each month with the perfect back end product for your ebook.

If you wrote your own ebook, then you know enough on the subject to be considered a bona fide expert. And anyone that buys your ebook from you believes this ... otherwise they wouldn't be wasting time and money on your product.

The customer ordering from you is your signal that they believe you're an absolute expert, and they're showing you that they have a deep interest in the subject matter your ebook is based on.

So while $47 sales are great, there's a whole lot more money to be made using your ebook.

To explain, let's say you've created an ebook on affiliate marketing. You show the prospect what you've learned to become super-successful at marketing other people's products.

Now in the very back of your ebook...


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